Piedmont is the land of fine food and wine, picturesque views, historic palaces and now also great golf. Its Italian name can be loosely translated to ‘at the foot of the mountain’ and indeed Piedmont is surrounded by the magnificent and beautiful Alps. For this reason, outdoor activities are very popular here. Why don’t you dive into the rich culture of Piedmont and try the local cuisine after you finish a fantastic round of golf? Fans of history won’t be disappointed either – this region has more than one exciting secret waiting to be discovered.

Piedmont Golf Highlights

Cities in Piedmont

Golf courses
Sunny days
Beer (pint)
EUR 1.47
Taxi 1 km

Things to Do in Piedmont

Food & Drinks

Piedmont is the ultimate destination for fans of the gourmet cuisine. When you visit the region, make sure you try Castelmagno cheese, Arborio risotto rice, Gianduiotto chocolates and the famous Alba white truffles. This region is also home to the ‘slow food’ movement which aims to protect and promote artisanal food and small-scale producers. To do that, many food festivals are organised where you can try and buy high-quality products. Make the most of it!

An inseparable part of dining in Piedmont is wine. There are plenty of great wineries around the region but the most famous are the Langhe and Roero. This is where two of the greatest wines are produced – Barolo and Barbaresco.


Every corner of this elegant and vibrant city is full of history and mysteries. As the local legend says, the city is divided into two halves: a white magic triangle with Lyon and Prague and a black magic triangle with London and San Francisco.

Many say that walking around the streets of Turin in the night can really make you feel the more mystical and magical side of the city, so why not embrace the legends and go out in the evening? Who knows what you might discover?

Cultural Calendar

Piedmont is also well known for its rich and varied cultural calendar, full of fantastic and sometimes intriguing events. One of them is the traditional Battle of the Oranges. Every year, thousands of people of Ivrea organise the largest food fight in Italy. For three days, nine teams are fighting by throwing oranges at each other.

If orange fights are not your thing, you can try picking truffles in Alba, visit Cioccolatò, Turin Chocolate Festival or the Novara Jazz festival in October. Your options are countless.