The city of artists - home to iconic painter Picasso and the origin of the flamenco dance, also known as the capital of Costa del Sol. This small coastal city has a big city pulse and an abundance of places worth visiting. Andalusia’s biggest airport welcomes visitors all year round, especially business-related travelers as Malaga is one of coastal Spain’s most popular gathering points for meetings. The harbor is filled with luxury yachts, and the golf courses will satisfy even the best of golfers. Malaga is one of the contributing reasons why Spain has been a global hot spot for golfers during the past couple of decades.

Malaga Golf Highlights

Cities in Malaga

Golf courses
Sunny days
EUR 2.50
Beer (pint)
EUR 1.42
Taxi 1 km

Things to Do in Malaga

Golf course - Tapas bars

Tapas bars

Renowned for serving the best tapas in Spain, there is an endless amount of taste combinations all over the city. Not only on the popular streets but there are tapas gems hidden in the back streets that serve specialties such as chorizo, higado, tortillas, Boquerones en vinaigrette, and much more.
Golf course - History & culture

History & culture

Malaga is a true heaven for art enthusiasts and historically interested travelers. The magnificent buildings, such as the Malaga Cathedral, have a background filled with history that has important meaning to the Spanish cultural background. Witness a time-warping art experience at the Picasso Museum or the Soho Art District.
Golf course - Climate


Every sunbather’s dream. The sun shines 300 days, and 3000 hours every year. No wonder Malaga has 16 different beaches to choose between. Cool off in the crystal blue water and enjoy a cold beverage at some of the finest spots in Europe.