With clear blue water, historical buildings, fresh local cuisine, and spectacular golf courses, Cyprus has it all. There is something for everyone no matter your personal interest. There are plenty of museums and galleries for those looking for a calm and harmonious visit, along with nature trails for hikers and bikers for those looking for an adventurous experience. The golf courses are as beautiful as they get, with clubhouses that range everywhere between modernized buildings, and others have a more classic traditional atmosphere.

Cyprus Golf Highlights

Golf courses
Sunny days
Beer (pint)
EUR 0.73
Taxi 1 km

Things to Do in Cyprus

Golf course - Wine tours

Wine tours

Home to the oldest named wine in production, Commandaria, also known as the “wine of the kings and the king of wines.” The wineries in Cyprus pride themselves in producing wine using old, traditional ways, staying true to their roots. Although some wineries have taken after the modernization methods, providing different wines for all wine lovers.
Golf course - Villages


The villages found in Cyprus are a time-warping experience, to say the least. Their historical and traditional buildings stand where they stood since the beginning of this historical destination. Agros, Alona, Anogyra, and Arsos define the ground pillars of Cyprus, appreciated by visitors from all over the world.
Golf course - Health & wellness

Health & wellness

Cyprus provides visitors with medical tourism at its finest, and the relaxing atmosphere treats plenty of patients every year. There is a wide choice of different spa resorts and rural retreats with features such as harmonious natural landscapes and fresh locally produced flavors.