The clear blue water will mesmerize anyone who sets their eye on this one-of-a-kind destination. Splendid gastronomical locations, with multiple churches and museums that illustrate the very rich culture and history that has created this masterpiece of a destination. Visitors will be greeted with an abundance of shopping, everything from world-renowned exclusive brands to small, charming souvenir stores. Enjoy the mellow atmosphere during the day and take part in the city’s lively nightlife after a long day in the sun. In addition, the golf courses are nothing less than amazing!

Alicante Golf Highlights

Cities in Alicante

Golf courses
Sunny days
EUR 1.71
Beer (pint)
EUR 1.43
Taxi 1 km

Things to Do in Alicante

Golf course - Shopping


The perfect spot to fill your wardrobe with new and exciting clothing and accessories. Alicante has everything from designer luxury shops to locally handcrafted goods. The Mercado central market is a must for those looking for the typical Alicante shopping experience. To mention a few streets for shopping enthusiasts: El Barrio, Panoramis, and El Corte Inglés.
Golf course - Events


There are reasons to celebrate and have a good time during many specific periods of the year. The world-famous Cirque du Soleil will be present during the summer, widely regarded as one of the best amusement events in the world. The streets are filled with joyful crowds during numerous events throughout the year such as Hogueras de San Juan, Carnaval, Moros y Cristianos, and Semana Santa & Navidad.
Golf course - Food, drinks & nightlife

Food, drinks & nightlife

Take a break from shopping and experience the fresh food served around every corner of the city. The coffee is exquisite, and the meals come in multiple different forms and tastes. Horchata is the local Alicante drink that every gastronomical enthusiast needs to try during their visit. You’ll find everything from small local restaurants to Michelin star locations.